About us

About us

At 5 years old, our designer was on a family trip in France when she was given her first bikini, (rainbow coloured) and it was loved and lived in. Being the kiwi outdoor lifestyle she grew up with, it makes sense that when venturing much later, into a career in clothing, it combined fashion and the kiwi coastline somehow.

With experience in fashion, film and television, our designer, has dressed literally thousands of people. Having contributed to expressing characters through the things they wear, working in teams on shows such as Xena Warrior Princess, Happy Feet, Spartacus and Stupid Stupid Man, clothing in all styles can tell a story.

Obtaining a Masters Degree in Costume Design from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, a Certificate in Apparel Construction from Auckland Institute of Technology, landing an apprenticeship with a major fashion brand much earlier in the piece, technically her craft has since been honed over many years.

Yay Splash! is not really high street fashion, our designs are modern but the fit is super, they are solid reliable products a bit like "nails in the hardware store".

Essentials you can feel easy in. We hope here, you can find your  favourite style and enjoy the water!

Aroha ;)